¡Descubre el paraíso de Panamá!

Over 900 bird species, monkeys, frogs, and crocs make their home in the lush rainforests. Year round sun and two coasts create a playground for water sport enthusiasts. There’s so much more to this small country than just the Panama Canal! Did you know that compared to tribes in many of its neighboring countries, Panamanian indigenous cultures are thriving and many still live in the same manner as their ancestors? This is a quite a contrast from modern Panama City! Give your Spanish and your dance moves a whirl when you ask your familia Panameña to teach you a few steps of the traditional tamborito dance.

Speak: Spanish with your local guide as you learn about the exotic animals of Monkey Island, and learn the noises animals make in Spanish!

Learn: how elaborate and beautiful traditional dresses called polleras are made.

Do: play a game of fútbol and enjoy a lunch with indigenous Emberá people.

Tierra de Exploración

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A professional bilingual local guide leads the group; all of the activities listed are included and managed by the local guide.

Barb in Latin America

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The traveling teacher(s) create and lead their own customized itinerary.