Educational Travel in China

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跳到五千年的历史, 发现 世界最古老的文明

China Educational TravelModern, slick skyscrapers surround ancient evidence of the world’s oldest continuous society. Take a look around. Every glimpse of something familiar reveals a myriad of exhilarating new sites and sensations. China’s history, culture, and diverse landscape define the word profound. Did you know that the color red symbolizes happiness for the Chinese? It is commonly used at festivals and other happy celebrations. The world is talking about China. Get ahead of your peers with an insider’s peek at what makes China so special.

Speak: Mandarin with villagers while working on a project in rural Yunnan province.

Learn: how silk is made. Knowledge of silk production was once so well guarded that anyone caught sharing the secret could be killed.

Do: give your artistic talents a whirl after a lesson in the art of Chinese farmer’s painting while learning more about rural Chinese life.

China Educational Travel

Discover China: Past and Present

11-day Guided More Information


A professional bilingual local guide leads the group; all of the activities listed are included and managed by the local guide.

China Educational Travel

Say "Yes" to Yunnan

21-day Staff-Guided More Information


An ISE-appointed staff-guide manages the day-to-day itinerary and engages students in activities that immerse them in the culture and language.

China Educational Travel

Let’s Celebrate in China!

Chinese Family Immersion Program More Information
Rachel in Giverny

You Decide!

Custom Itineraries More Information


The traveling teacher(s) create and lead their own customized itinerary.